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The members

Téo Calvet
2023 FFSA Camions champion

José Sousa

Raphaël Sousa
2023 FFSA Camions Junior Champion

Initial and advanced training sessions for active race truck drivers

Established in 2020 at the Nogaro circuit in the south of the France, Buggyra Academy France offers both initial as well as advanced training sessions for active race truck drivers. The sessions, organized in partnership with the Nogaro circuit, take place over two days. All aspects of truck racing get covered.

From the theoretical basics of a 5-ton machine to the techniques of driving a racing truck, trainees are coached during their dedicated training sessions, specific to this XXL sport. Accessible from the age of 16, the Academy has already welcomed and coached many well-known drivers. From young twins Florian and Nathan Defaye who made their debut in 2019, to the more experienced José Sousa, the spectrum of the Academy is wide. The Rivals brothers and Yvan Rodrigues also completed a training session to optimize the management of their 1200 hp trucks. Raphaël Sousa, also completed a full training course which helped him to achieve his first victories in the French championship. The first non-French driver, Rio Longdon, an 18-year-old Englishman, who will quickly make a name for himself, also attended the Academy program.

Téo Calvet, a former participant of the Truck Academy, who is now also the lead driver coach for the Truck Academy, became the 2021 French Truck Champion at just 20 years of age at the time.

Raphael and Jose Sousa as well as Florian and Nathan Defaye are currently representing Buggyra Academy in the 2023 French Truck Racing Championship.

Members (former or current)

Téo Calvet
Florian and Nathan Defaye
José and Raphaël Sousa
Lucas and Romain Rivals
Yvan Rodrigues
Antoine Languillat
Rio Longdon
Kevin Bassanelli
Pierre Yves James
Dimitry Treuvey

Our team

Téo Calvet – professional driver
Fabien Calvet – technical expert
David Vršecký– driver and race car engineer
Robin Dolejs – engineer
Jean-Philippe Belloc – race management


Nogaro circuit, France

Program //

  • Technical lessons with analysis of the truck and its functioning
  • Theoretical driving lessons
  • Study of the different circuit layouts
  • with track analysis on-site
  • Initial testing on track
  • Truck driving on track
  • Analysis of results, correction and implementation of new techniques