October 18, 2023

Buggyra Academy, a training facility for young racers founded by Buggyra Racing in 2019, has signed a multi-year partnership with Oxyrevo, a hyperbaric chamber manufacturer based in China. Aliyyah Koloc, the 19-year-old motorsport driver for Buggyra Racing and Buggyra Academy, has been appointed brand ambassador for Oxyrevo.

Within this partnership, Oxyrevo will supply a hyperbaric chamber for Aliyyah, branded in the Buggyra Academy colors. A hyperbaric chamber provides pure oxygen in a pressurized environment where the air pressure is two to three times higher than in normal surroundings. This enables the lungs to gather much more oxygen than would be possible at normal air pressure. In sports, the hyperbaric chamber is used to help recover quicker from high efforts. There are fixed and portable models to use while at home or travelling. 

Martin Koloc, Buggyra’s CEO and team principal commented: “We are always looking to improve the quality and speed of recovery for our athletes. We have been trying a lot of new techniques with Aliyyah as part of the Buggyra Human Labs project and NURES® program. Oxyrevo is a strategic supplier for us and develops specific applications based on insights from the world’s toughest races like the Dakar Rally.”

The Buggyra Human Labs project started in 2018 with the participation of Buggyra Racing in the Dakar Rally. Buggyra scientists have been gathering a massive amount of “human” data in a variety of extreme conditions. Data-based nutrition, performance and recovery methods are structured into the NURES ®program for each Buggyra athlete. The NURES® program developed by Buggyra Human Labs provides the ultimate guidance for professional athletes to reach their performance goals by optimizing the athlete’s training, nutrition, and recovery.

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