Buggyra Academy France returns as king of Le Mans
Truck racing
September 26, 2023

Securing three race wins, including two doubles, the drivers from Buggyra Academy France couldn’t have hoped for better results at the Bugatti circuit in Le Mans. They thoroughly dominated the penultimate round of the French truck championship. Téo Calvet has fortified his lead in the series, with Raphaël Sousa holding third overall and José Sousa in ninth position.

“It was a spectacular weekend where we achieved all the goals. For the first time ever, Téo Calvet also clinched the highly coveted 24 Heures Camions winner’s trophy, marking a significant entry into history. He also triumphed in the inaugural night race. Moreover, Raphaël Sousa and Téo secured the team competition; it was simply a dream weekend. We still have Albi ahead, but Le Mans was a monumental success,” declared Fabien Calvet, the boss of Buggyra Academy France.

From the first run, the prowess of the Academy’s drivers was evident. Téo secured second place, just two hundredths of a second behind Jonathan André in the MAN, with Raphaël finishing fourth. However, that was the sole instance over the weekend where a Buggyra Academy France driver didn’t reach the top of the podium.

Téo Calvet found particular enjoyment in the second of the quartet of races – the very first night race. “It was a surreal experience. It was the first time in my life I raced a truck at night. Initially, it was quite chaotic. Adapting to the conditions and competing with the rivals took some time. But soon, I discovered it wasn’t as challenging and managed to overtake everyone in the handicap race, securing the win. It’s an overwhelming feeling,” shared Téo, who finished five seconds ahead of the second-placed Raphaël Sousa.

Sunday was completely orchestrated by Buggyra Academy France. Téo and Raphaël mastered a challenging qualifying session, impeded by oil spillage on the track, which was followed by another victorious heat for them. Both Buggyra vehicles displayed spirited performances, separated by a mere 1.5 seconds at the chequered flag. “In the context of the overall standings, it was the optimal outcome. José encountered some difficulties on the track, but he navigated all challenges impeccably,” the 21-year-old driver commented.

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